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A View From Two Sides

A View From Two Sides

A View from Two Sides, Adawe Crossing, 16.02.15

A View from Two Sides, Adawe Crossing, 16.02.15

“A View from Two Sides”
City of Ottawa Public Art Installation
Adàwe Crossing Bridge, Ottawa, Canada

February 15, 2016
photo by Angela Prokopiak

I am very happy to announce the installation of “A View from Two Sides”, a public art commission for the City of Ottawa located on the Adàwe Crossing Pedestrian/Cycling Bridge spanning the Rideau River between Donald Street and Somerset Street East in Ottawa, Canada.

The artwork features two 1.5 m diameter reflective stainless steel spheres, each suspended at eye level on the extended observation areas of the bridge. Each sphere presents the observer with an ever-changing panoramic view that includes the sky, river, shores, bridge, pedestrians and cyclists.

The result is an unlimited variation of visual possibilities, providing residents and visitors with the perfect place to pause and take in the natural beauty of the area.

This artwork and other commissions are made possible by the City of Ottawa’s Public Art Policy, which allows for one percent of funds from municipal projects to be set aside for public art to enhance the space and make art accessible to everyone.

February 21. 2016 1 Comment

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  1. Just loved looking into the sphere.. may it stay polished forever.

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